Fast Track Terms & Conditions

1. The cost of this service is £500 + 20% VAT.


2. Submissions will be handled directly by the Clearcast Fast Track manager, not by an agency’s usual Clearcast contact.


3. Some submissions with certain types of claim or which raise contentious points could require further discussion within Clearcast or with an external technical consultant. Therefore not all submissions will be suitable for Fast Track feedback. All submissions will be assessed for Fast Track suitability when first submitted. There will be no charge if it is decided that a submission is not suitable for Fast Track, and the work will be transferred to the appropriate Clearcast contact for handling in the normal way.


4. Normal Clearcast copy clearance requirements apply. This means that a submission will be checked against the BCAP code (or CAP code for VOD-only approval). Agencies will be advised on anything likely to be unacceptable or a problem e.g. on grounds of offence or harmful emulation. Under the BCAP code substantiation will be required for claims. Advice will be given on the wording of any necessary legal supers.


5. Feedback will be given within 1 working day. I.e. if a submission is made at 2pm on Monday, feedback will be received by 2pm on Tuesday. If a submission is made at 4pm on a Friday, feedback will be received by 4pm the following Monday.


6. Submissions can be Fast Tracked at any point – script, rough cut, or final clock – even if previous stages have been completed without Fast Track.


7. Payment is once per advert. i.e. if an agency has paid for a script to be Fast Tracked, there is no need to pay again for the video to be Fast Tracked.


8. Bulk discounts may apply depending on the nature of the submissions. In the case of parent and child clock submissions, there is only one charge for the parent submission with no extra charges for children.


9. The service is open for short-form submissions intended to be shown on a channel or service for which we clear broadcast ads. Please see our Knowledge Base for a list of the channels and services we cover.


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