The Whitechapel Mission has been serving the homeless and the marginalised for over 130 years, seeing as many as 300 people a day who are looking for assistance. We’ve sent teams to help their important work in a variety of different ways.


Every day of the week up to 300 breakfasts must be prepped, cooked and served – this is a full-on morning of work, beginning at 5:45am and described by our team of volunteers as “massively rewarding”.


More than 100 people a day use the Whitechapel Mission’s showers, all of whom are in need of a change of clothing. Mountains of clothes are donated to the Mission and our team helped to sort, measure, label and properly hang clothes on rails ready for distribution.


On Fridays the Mission runs a women-only lunch and afternoon session to facilitate a safe, less intimidating environment than the male-dominated norm. We sent a team to be on hand to help with the organisation and facilitation of this important event.


We continue to look for other avenues where we can reach out and be an active part of the community. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for the latest updates, or check out this article in our 2017 newsletter for our personal experiences at the mission: Clearcast Autumn Newsletter 2017. 


See more about our commitment to the community here.