Walkers Crisps TV Advert Not Upheld

17th August 2016

A TV advert for Walkers Crisps starring Gary Lineker has recently been the subject of investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Following the publication of the ruling on Wednesday 17th August some incorrect articles have been published in the press.


The ad, which we cleared, was for a competition to win holidays by collecting letters of destination names. Complainants queried whether the competition had been conducted fairly.


The television advert was one of five adverts investigated, alongside the Walkers website, social media accounts and packaging. The ASA ruled that the TV ad was not in breach of the regulations and as such did not uphold those complaints. One of the points of complaint was upheld in relation to the Walkers website only. We have contacted editors of publications which have erroneously stated that the TV ad was banned.


The full ruling can be read here.