The Spring Newsletter Is Here

15th March 2016

Twice a year our team put together a newsletter chock-full of great articles. As ever, our new issue features a mixture of handy copy advice, regulatory updates and behind the scenes shenanigans. Whether you’re new to Clearcast and wondering what’s shaking, or a seasoned pro looking to stay on top of your game there’ll be something in there for you.


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Articles include…


CLEAR – Everything adverts


Trans Representation in Ads

Helen Belcher from Trans Media Watch gives a primer on issues to consider when featuring a trans character.


Clearance Bootcamp

What’s a claim? How do I support it? What on earth is a CSM? The answers lie within…


Irish Clearance – What’s The Story?

Although we’re here to clear ads for the UK, some ads for Ireland should come through us too. Why? What? Take a look to find out.


How To Get Your Ad Through Ops Smoothly

Make video clearance a doddle with tips from those in the know.


CAST – The People


Crossing Over From Agency To Clearcast

Cass Briscoe joined Clearcast last year having worked at agencies for a few years. We quiz her on the differences.


5 Minutes With…

Dental Consultant Professor Robin Seymour.


Dear Jackie

Does size matter? Our agony aunt says yes!


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