Supers problems solved

31st May 2016

Great news – our Duration of Hold calculator is back and better than ever. Check it our here.


One of the most popular features of our Knowledge Base, the Duration of Hold calculator is there to do exactly what its name suggests: type in the ‘super’ (on screen smallprint) that will be in your ad and find out how long it should be held on screen for. It’s just one of the tools we’ve developed to make getting on air easier. If you deal with supers, then take a look at the height of supers testcard. Also on the technical front, there’s advice on flashing images as well as a whole host of information about how the clearance process works.


Our new version of the calculator is no longer reliant on Java, meaning it will remain fit for purpose and easy to update as and when required. The calculator is also still available as an iOS app. Search for ‘Clearcast Ltd’ in the app store.


We recently ran a sold-out training course dedicated to supers; if you’d be interested in attending future events or having us come to your office to run the course, let our training team know.