Research Scripts – Introducing Our New Dedicated Service

08th March 2017


Clearcast is always looking for ways to serve the industry better by developing useful new services and improving our processes. We’re now introducing a research script service, very similar to our popular pitch scripts offering, which achieves both of these aims.


Agencies will benefit from this dedicated service when they are planning to put multiple scripts into research but before doing so they want to seek our advice on whether these scripts are compliant.


In the past, some agencies may have sought advice from their regular contact at Clearcast for these scripts. However, our priority is to focus on scripts that are going to air, and in doing so make the process as efficient as possible for all agencies. When research scripts have been submitted, they have often been in significant numbers, taking focus away from submissions which already have airtime booked. Introducing the research scripts service will help us make sure that scripts for production are not subject to delay, whilst still providing a mechanism for agencies to ensure that ideas discussed with clients are likely to be able to get on air.


Research scripts that are discussed with the client during the creative development stage can be submitted on CopyCentral from 1 May by clicking on the ‘Pitch/Research script’ button. You will be charged £100+VAT per script, with the first script for that research project free of charge.


Our figures show that only around 1% of all scripts sent to us fall into the category of research scripts. It should therefore not be a significant change for most agencies but, given they arrive in batches, will help us manage our workload more efficiently to the benefit of the industry as a whole.


The research scripts service is managed by our Copy Development team, who will liaise with your regular Clearcast contact to ensure their knowledge of the account is utilised.


Any questions? Please feel free to contact our Copy Development Manager, Seb Lynch, on or 020 7339 4771.