We’re reducing our turnaround times

16th January 2018

Since we reviewed our processes in 2016, we’ve beaten our targets for feeding back to you on ad scripts and videos. For some time, our turnaround time KPI (measured quarterly) has been to provide a response on 85% of scripts within 4 working days and on 95% of videos within 2 working days and we now exceed that. We were delighted to see that agencies recognised the improvement in our 2017 agency survey.


As we’ve been exceeding our turnaround time KPI and carried out reassuring analysis that shows we’re capable of achieving more this year, we’ve decided to reduce our script turnaround KPI to 85% of scripts receiving a response within 3 days.


There will be some submissions that may take longer than 3 days for us to feedback on because we’re experiencing a particularly high volume of work or the submission contains a complex claim for example, which may require consultant feedback or more detailed considerations and discussion.


We’re looking forward to taking on this new target and providing you with even faster script feedback in 2018.