Autumn Newsletter 60 Years

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22nd September 2015

60 years ago today UK commercial TV was born, with the first advert being broadcast on ITV at 8:12pm.


Our Autumn Newsletter celebrates that anniversary, and is also chock-full of forward-looking advice, updates and background on what we get up to behind the scenes.


Here’s just a selection of the treats inside…


CLEAR – Everything adverts


CopyCentral has landed

Our new clearance system is now in use by all agencies – take a look at the must-know info.


Super marketing for supermarkets

With more comparative ads than ever, we give a rundown of the top tips.


Fast cars and advertising

Car ads seem to have caught the ASA’s eye of late. Stay up to date on the most recent rulings and what they mean.


The Clearcast Knowledge Base

Are you making the most of our online tools?


CAST – The people


Social and responsible

What did our first-ever interns think of us? Why did a team from Clearcast cook 250 breakfasts? Find out about how we’re getting involved in the community.


5 minutes with…

Our new nutritional consultant Dr Toni Steer.




Dear Jackie

What does our redoubtable agony aunt think of nudity in ads?



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