A row of chairs in a consultant's waiting room

Meet The Consultant 2016 Dates Unveiled

27th November 2015

With the final 2015 dates fast approaching, we have now finalised the 2016 dates for our Meet The Consultant service. For those who work in some of the more technically complicated product categories, such as nutrition or cosmetics, these sessions are a great opportunity to discuss ideas face-to-face with the consultant and your Clearcast exec. Click here for the dates.


Why Meet The Consultant?


Meet The Consultant is one of our most popular services above and beyond our day to day copy clearance work. Sometimes advertisers prefer more direct conversation about technical claims than submitting scripts and evidence allows for. In these circumstances a session provides the chance to talk through any reservations our consultant may have, or ideas for how a claim might be reworded to render it acceptable. Sessions are available with a selection of our consultants – due to their busy workloads not all consultants are able to provide the service.


When do Clearcast use consultants?


If a script features a particularly technical or scientific claim we may send the substantiation to one of our consultants, who are all pre-eminent in their chosen fields. With areas of expertise as diverse as medicine, nutrition, cosmetics, vacuum cleaners and more, our consultants are an invaluable part of our team. Find out more about them here.


Increasingly the Meet The Consultant service is being used hand-in-hand with our Copy Development service. This allows advertisers to discuss potential claims with our consultants before a script has been written. Click here for more information about Copy Development.


If you’re interested in a Meet The Consultant session take a look at the 2016 dates here. Additional sessions outside these dates can also be arranged – contact meettheconsultants@clearcast.co.uk for more information.