MediaCentral – an online portal for video ad industry

03rd August 2017

Powered by Clearcast Business Affairs


You probably know us best for clearing TV ads for broadcast in the UK.


But you probably also know we like to spread our wings and be helpful in other ways too. Perhaps you’ve been on one of our training courses or have used our Copy Development service?


Well our latest endeavour is bound to be one of our most helpful yet. Our Business Affairs department has used its far-reaching industry knowledge and contacts to develop an online portal for advertisers and agencies who need help navigating the world of video ads.


The new site is called MediaCentral and is a task-based portal that impartially (and without charge to users or featured companies) connects you to hundreds of 3rd party websites.


From MediaCentral you can quickly find companies ready to help with a range of challenges faced when making an ad, such as where to book air time, how to get a soundtrack for your ad, how to get an ad on air in another country and how to get a child licence.


Please take a look at The site is constantly evolving so get in touch via as we’d love to know your thoughts.


And if you would like talk to us about any of your upcoming projects, please contact Danny Turner, our Business Affairs Manager who would be more than happy to help. You can reach him on 0207 339 4770 or by email on