Our International Ad Compliance service now includes legal advice

28th July 2015

We’ve got some news for you regarding our international services.


We’re always looking at ways we can better support the industry. When the IPA suggested adding legal advice to our services,  we agreed it was a great idea, so have partnered with the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) to complete our range of International Ad Compliance services.


As you know, we  already support international advertisers in making ad compliance more accessible; we have a unique live and online training video library on ad regulations across the world, with expert speakers from the national self-regulators or equivalents.


We also manage UK and international copy advice and clearances for any media and now we’re delighted to complete our range of international services by adding the management of legal advice.


Please contact TV Admin Executive Danny Turner on 020 7339 4770 or email him via danny.turner@clearcast.co.uk with any queries about the new service.