ITV moving to HD-only Commercial Delivery

01st November 2017

ITV has announced that it will move to HD-only delivery of commercial copy from Monday, 8th January 2018.


There is no requirement from ITV for material to be re-supplied in HD. They  will continue to transmit any SD commercials that they received prior to that date as they do now, with the SD version being upscaled on their HD channels .


Where agencies wish to resupply ads to ITV in native HD they will have to re-clock the HD version, re-submit the new clock number to Clearcast and instruct ITV Commercial Operations to run the new copy in order for the HD version to run.


Where Clearcast is asked to clear an HD commercial that has previously been cleared as an SD version with a different clock, we will levy a £250 (exc. VAT) charge for the additional clock. We charge for this service because the additional work increases our clearance times to the detriment of the industry as a whole. Note that we charge the same fee where differently clocked HD and SD versions of the same ad are simultaneously submitted for clearance.


You can take a look at ITV’s copy delivery details here.

They also have comprehensive FAQs here .