CopyCentral Upgrade July 2019

28th June 2019

UPDATE Monday 15th July: Following a slight delay in the testing phase, we aim to have full access to CopyCentral restored by 14:15 this afternoon. Thanks for your patience.

From 18:00 on Friday 12th July until approximately 13:00* on Monday 15th July 2019, Clearcast will be closed, while our CopyCentral system is put into maintenance mode and undergoes a major infrastructure upgrade. This upgrade will make the system more resilient and allow for future improvements.

On the morning of Monday 15th July, the system will remain in maintenance mode and be unavailable to use, while we go through various system checks to ensure the integrity of data and the system.

We aim to have full access to CopyCentral restored by 13:00* on Monday 15th, but keep an eye on our CopyCentral status page, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on the day.

We plan to clear ads for Saturday 13th – Monday 15th July by end of play on Friday 12th July.

Please be mindful of this closure when submitting ads for approval to us in the period up to and during this work; we can’t guarantee to clear ads where we haven’t had sufficient time to do so.

*Previous estimation 12:00, current forecasts estimate a 13:00 reopen.