Clocked ads are final

05th April 2018
It’s an important principle of clearance that when we clear a clocked ad, an identical ad is delivered to broadcasters under the same clock number.


We recently sampled over 300 clocks comparing the version we were sent with that delivered to one broadcaster and found that in a small number of cases there were differences, some of which were substantive enough to affect the clearance status of the ad.


Apparently small changes made in post-production may be significant in practice. Of particular concern are edits to an ad that may trigger photosensitive epilepsy. Every ad we clear is tested for this and changes to ads made after clearance invalidate these tests. Changes may not just be technical: another example is substantiation for pricing; if pricing is changed in the ad delivered to broadcasters that substantiation is no longer valid.


Please be aware that where a clocked ad is changed after clearance, the clearance will no longer apply and the ad will be made unacceptable. This is likely to put such ads in breach of client agreements with broadcasters which require ads to be preapproved.


If you need to make minor changes in post production and want to clear your ad in parallel, send us rough cut versions. We will provide guidance on the rough cuts and approve the final clocked ad when it is ready.


If you have any queries related to this, please contact your Clearcast clearance executive or email