The Clearcast Newsletter Autumn 2017

14th September 2017

Each Spring and Autumn we put together a newsletter which guarantees to have something for everyone.  Whether you’re new to Clearcast and want to get to know us and our work a little better, or have worked with us for years but just want to stay ahead of the game, there’ll be something in there for you.


As ever this edition has a mixture of handy copy advice, important regulatory updates and pieces to help you get to know The Cast of Clearcast…us!  Download it now, or read on for a taster of what’s inside.


Articles include:

2017 Agency survey results

Satisfaction scores are at record levels across the board.  Read the full article for further summaries.

Our Business Affairs Department has used its far-reaching knowledge and contacts to develop an online portal for advertisers and agencies who need help navigating the world of video ads.

Back to the floor

Our MD Chris spent a week on the front line covering a Senior Copy Exec’s portfolio. Find out how he got on.

In-car tech rulings

Motoring’s become an increasingly contentious advertising sector, with a number of recent high profile ASA investigations. Although the relevant complaints weren’t upheld, it’s still useful to look at the cases in detail.

A Copy Development case-study

Our Copy Development manager Seb helped advertiser Rosemary Water work around the tricky matter of health and nutrition claims.

Been there, done Tat

More Clearcasters than you’d think…have got ink. And a few of them were happy to show us theirs and give us the story.

Dear Jackie

Jackie breaks from her usual position of agony aunt to talk to us about the important issue of gender stereotyping  in advertising.