Clearance Stats For 2016

15th February 2017

Every year we take a look back at the clearance facts and figures to see how we’ve compared to previous years. In 2016 we considered more than 32,500 scripts and 66,500 films. The script figures are barely changed from the previous year when we considered 33,000 scripts, while the film total is slightly down on 2015’s 68,500.


As ever, only a tiny portion of the ads we cleared were the subject of either a viewer challenge or a formal upheld ruling from the Advertising Standards Authority. In 2016 there were 89 formal investigations resulting in 52 upheld rulings. The ASA’s list of the top ten most complained-about ads of the year featured nine TV ads, none of which were the subject of upheld rulings.


Our aim is to provide a response on 85% of scripts within 4 working days and on 95% of videos within 2 working days. We’re proud to reveal that we hit our targets last year. Not only that but in the fourth quarter of the year, including the busy build up to Christmas, we smashed our targets by feeding back on 96.5% of scripts within four days and 97.4% of films within two.