Broadband Pricing To Change on 31st October

05th October 2016

Earlier in the year the ASA announced that changes were necessary in the way that broadband prices are presented in advertising. From 31st October these changes come into force and any adverts that don’t follow them will be liable to be the subject of an upheld complaint.


The new approach to pricing which the ASA is recommending is as follows:


‘The most prominent price claim should make clear the total, consolidated monthly cost of the contract, including, with equal prominence, the cost after any applicable introductory period, and the overall length of the contract. All compulsory one-off costs that need to be paid to obtain the service should be consolidated and should appear clearly and immediately alongside the most prominent price claim.’


What this means is that where packages contain broadband and line rental, these must be presented as one monthly price rather than separated out. Here’s a basic example of copy unacceptable from 31st Oct:


Large on-screen text: “Broadband £8/month”


Supers: ’12 month contract. £15.99 line rental required. £15 set-up fee applies. £4.99 one-off delivery charge. T&Cs apply.’


And here’s the acceptable version:


Large on-screen text: “Broadband £23.99/month for 12 months. £19.99 one-off fee applies.”


Supers: ‘T&Cs apply.’


Offers vary in content, so make sure you run your proposed version past your contact as soon as possible to get approved copy on air in time for the deadline. The ASA is still looking into the presentation of speed claims in broadband ads and we’ll update further as soon as we have any news.