Broadband price claims

04th May 2016



In January we published an article on forthcoming changes to how broadband pricing should appear. The ASA have today announced that these changes will come into force on 31st October rather than the end of May. You can read the original article below.


There have also been high-profile questions about the way broadband speed claims are presented. We’ll be keeping an eye on any developments, but so far no changes have been announced.



The ASA and Ofcom have today announced the results of their research into the clarity of broadband pricing. You can read their press release here.


The current practice, in place since a 2012 ruling, allows a line rental price to appear alongside, but separate from, the ‘headline price’ for broadband.  Any further one-off costs, like set-up fees, may be included in the supers. Similarly the contract length can be included in the supers.


Although the ASA have yet to offer a definitive stance for how pricing should appear in future, the recommendation for now is:

  • line rental should no longer be separated out – up-front and monthly costs should be all-inclusive
  • greater prominence should be given to contract length and post-discount pricing
  • greater prominence should be given to up-front costs


These changes will come into place as of Monday 30th May. For the time being keep your eyes peeled on the ASA website for further recommendations. We’ll be working with advertisers and agencies to ensure ads we clear for transmission after 30th May comply with the new recommendations.

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