August Bank Holiday Copy Deadlines

14th July 2015

Copy & Instructions Delivery Timetable – 2015 August  Bank Holiday


Airdate                            Copy Instructions By           Copy Delivery By

Tues 25th Aug                 20th Aug                               21st Aug

Wed 26th Aug                 21st Aug                                24th Aug

Thurs 27th Aug               24th Aug                               25th Aug

Fri 28th Aug                      24th Aug                               26th Aug

Sat 29th Aug                     25th Aug                                27th Aug

Sun 30th Aug                    25th Aug                                27th Aug

Mon 31st Aug**                 26th Aug                               27th Aug

Tues 1st Sep                      26th Aug                                28th Aug




** Bank holiday


Copy Instructions should be supplied at least 2 clear working days before transmission.


1) Copy Received Dates are to avoid late copy surcharges being applied by some broadcasters.


2) UK broadcasters are those represented by: ITV, Sky Media, Channel 4, Turner Broadcasting


3) Agencies with clients for whom the indicated deadlines cannot be met should contact individual broadcasters to obtain their agreement.  To comply with these deadlines please ensure additional time is factored in for Clearcast approval.