2014 Clearances in Brief

06th February 2015

2014 was another busy year for Clearcast. The number of scripts we considered stayed fairly level with over 35,000 scripts submitted for our scrutiny. The total number of films (TVCs) was up on 2013 by about 2,000, taking the total we saw to just over 67,000.


We began to migrate agencies onto our new online clearance system CopyCentral in July. This resulted in the copy clearance teams working across two systems in the busiest time of the year. Overall throughout the year, we averaged 84% of responses to script submissions in four days, which is slightly below our 85% target. We continued to exceed our targets for films and 96% of all TVCs were turned around in two days.


Our record of clearing ads that stay on air remains very good. Formal investigations of ads that we cleared resulted in 75 upheld adjudications from the ASA. This amounts to 0.1% of all film submissions we considered resulting in an adverse adjudication. We do our best to get your ads to air and keep them there.