Our UK and International Training Manager Michael Haydon spends most of his time training people right across the advertising industry, from advertisers, agencies and broadcasters. He delivers regular training sessions here at Clearcast HQ (and beyond) to help them to get their ad clearance experience as smooth as possible.


But on 15th March, Michael gave a 60 minute interactive talk to the year 12 and  year 13 sixth form students at Haverstock School, who we also partner with to offer internships.


The session at Haverstock gave the sixth form students an insight into the UK ad industry, the work we do and how we differ to other countries. He of course gave lots of useful examples and got the group going on an interactive quiz using our audience remotes.


The training session was really well received, and the students had plenty of questions for Michael, as you’d expect from young enquiring minds!



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