Good Deed Feed

16th March 2021

We can’t forget the one-offs and spontaneous acts of kindness that we see all the time from our staff – check out the good deed feed.


Throughout the pandemic and since we’ve been working from home our regular fruit supplier, Fresh Fruit Daily, have carried on delivering our weekly produce to deserving people around London. During the first few months, they delivered fruit to NHS staff at hospitals and then over the summer months, the packages went to local food banks and school pack lunches.


Our Senior Leadership Team purchased twelve new laptops to send to families who need them for homeschooling during the third lockdown. We’ve worked with Caris Camden Families through volunteering previously so we thought this would be a great place to send them. The laptops are on their way to families living in temporary hostel accommodation, we really hope they help with the already tricky task of home-schooling!


Elliot, one of our Copy Group managers, has passed his interview and is now training to become a volunteer vaccinator with St Johns Ambulance. Well done, Elliot!


Vicki, one of our Copy Group Executives, has been busy clearing Brighton Beach of litter last summer. Vicki joined Tidy Up Team Brighton and although group litter picking hasn’t been possible recently, she hopes to get back to it soon. She has her own picker and everything!


Cass C, our Senior Comms Exec, has volunteered to be a response steward at vaccine centres around London with the instant response app, GoodSAM.


James, our busy Chief Technology Officer, has somehow found time to be a CSR hero in his local community. James has been helping out in his local church (also the local food bank) by fixing their AV equipment and installing new wifi so they can run their services smoothly over Zoom. He has also used his IT know-how to fix old laptops and donate them to families for school work or day-to-day admin like paying household bills online. Good stuff!