Agency/Advertiser Certificate

A must-have for all Advertisers and Agencies involved in TV Campaigns. The CPD certified and IPA recognised course will leave you equipped with the essential knowledge of how to get your ads to air and keep them there. Whether you’re brand-new to the industry or looking to brush up on your knowledge, find out how to make your Clearance process smooth and get the approvals that you are looking for.

"Excited to start my next campaign now as I'm feeling pretty confident!"

Charlotte, Iceland, April 2020

The comprehensive, 2-part, live webinar provides a unique insight into every aspect of the clearance process, from script to screen. Learn more about Clearcast, the stages of Clearance, the BCAP code’s key sections, claim support and much more! See below for the full syllabus breakdown.

The fun and informative sessions include plenty of opportunities to ask questions, interactive polls and an exclusive ‘how-to’ video to take away with you. As well as this, you’ll be awarded the Agency / Advertiser Certificate upon successful completion.

Location: The course is currently run as a 2-part live webinar, however we hope to be able to run in-person courses again in the near future.

Time: 2 x 90-minute sessions on consecutive days.

Cost: £299 (or £499 if booked together with the Advanced course as part of the Expert Package) plus VAT

Pre-book now for the 27th & 28th January 2021 via email to

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Price: £299.00

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