Transfer of CopyCentral by Hogarth to Optimad

16th August 2017

CopyCentral, the workflow system at the heart of advertising clearance, has been transferred by Hogarth Worldwide to Optimad (a Group IMD company).


Hogarth Worldwide was awarded the contract to provide Clearcast with the CopyCentral system in 2012.


Clearcast clears linear and VOD advertising on behalf of the UK broadcast industry (ITV, Channel 4, Sky Media, Turner and other broadcasters) and uses CopyCentral to manage its clearance workflow. The system has been operating successfully for two years and circa 35,000 scripts and 66,000 commercials a year go through the system. CopyCentral processes many hundreds of clearance requests each day, serving up in excess of half a million page views per month to agencies in the UK, Ireland and beyond, providing Clearcast with a system that will meet the needs of the TV advertising market for years to come.


Hogarth is the world’s leading marketing implementation agency, with nearly 3,000 staff globally. With the continued strong growth of Hogarth’s advertising production and localisation business a decision has been taken to focus its development efforts on those systems which underpin Hogarth’s core offering, and to consider divesting those technologies which aren’t central to Hogarth’s own core activities.


Optimad is a Group IMD company specialising in creating and operating media systems. It runs the TV industry’s transactional platform CARIA® in the UK and ROI, TV Attribution on behalf of Clearcast in the UK and the creative services workflow system for ARPP, France’s copy clearance organisation.


CopyCentral complements Optimad’s existing portfolio of products and following migration Optimad and Clearcast will explore ways to further improve the media workflow ecosystem including integrations for the benefit of the advertising industry.


For any questions please contact Chris Mundy, MD of Clearcast, Richard Glasson, CEO of Hogarth Worldwide or Simon Cox CEO of Group IMD.