Press Release – Jesta Digital Scan App

19th February 2014

Clearcast approved an ad last year for the advertiser Jesta for a prank app that suggests it can scan your friends.
The ad did not show nudity (images were pixelated). The advertiser confirmed to us that anyone using the app would also not be viewing nude images. There would be two options: a pre-recorded image of a pixelated model and model wearing underwear.


This confirmation along with the voiceover stating this was a fun app, and that people would be pranking their friends into thinking that they could be seen partially undressed, and the super stating this was for entertainment purposes only persuaded us this would not cause widespread harm & offence.


We placed a restriction on the ad which meant that it should not appear in programmes of special interest to children, as the visuals were not deemed appropriate for a young audience. Beyond that, the scheduling of the advertisement was beyond our control and in the hands of broadcasters.


In summary, we took the view that whilst the ad was not to everyone’s taste, it was not breaking the rules. However matters of taste and decency are not clear cut and the ASA has taken the view that the ad was degrading to women. The advertiser has withdrawn the ad and we have made it unacceptable so it won’t appear again.


For further information please contact: Eleanor Bonnet on 020 7339 4711 or