Press Release – Clearcast partner with Hogarth to deliver new ad clearance system

19th November 2012

Clearcast today made the decision to commission Hogarth Worldwide to implement CopyCentral, their new clearance system, to replace the existing Adway system hosted by Adstream.


The decision to replace the current system follows significant growth in the number of scripts and ads being held since 2005, with technology, particularly online video formats ad applications, advancing at a similar rate. Last year 32,000 scripts and 64,000 video files were uploaded on to the current Adway system. Given the importance of the system to the industry and the associated scale of investment, all Clearcast’s shareholders were involved in the nine month RFP process and final decision to award the new contract to Hogarth.


Hogarth has been chosen because it has successfully demonstrated to Clearcast that it is able to outreach its on-going requirements; its systems are used by some of the world’s largest advertising agencies and large advertisers such as Nike and Unilever, who entrust Hogarth to handle their video assets on a global scale.  Importantly, Hogarth’s proven ZONZA (digital asset management) and FIDO (management information and workflow) platforms will form the backbone of CopyCentral, giving Clearcast confidence that the development will be fully and successfully delivered in the necessary timelines. CopyCentral will be a standalone system and will operate independently.


The new system will provide users with improvements in usability and functionality, as well as being better able to manage new advertising formats.


Clearcast has to review confidential information on behalf of many advertisers and agencies so that it can verify the claims being made in ads on behalf of broadcasters, which is a condition of each broadcaster’s licence. Clearcast recognises the paramount importance of keeping confidential information secure, and have ensured contractually, functionally and procedurally that CopyCentral will do so. Hogarth is required to meet strict requirements for data security as well as to comply with the Data Protection Act and will be subject to audit by one of the “big four” audit firms to ensure that this is the case.


To ensure the smooth rollout of CopyCentral, Clearcast will maintain a dialogue with the industry throughout the process.


Chris Mundy, Managing Director of Clearcast says: “Our new system will deliver an improved experience for our users and help us deliver our mission to make it easier to get ads to air. We’d like to thank the many respondents to our agency survey who contributed their ideas for improving the functionality and usability of the system”.


James Morgan-Yates, Chief Technology Officer of Clearcast says: “The CopyCentral system is the next logical step in transforming the copy clearance experience for all users. Computing and Digital Video Technology has evolved dramatically in the years since Clearcast introduced the current system and CopyCentral will harness these developments for the benefit of the users.”


Richard Glasson, Chief Operating Officer of Hogarth says: We’re delighted to be working with Clearcast to deliver the next generation of copy clearance technology for advertisers and broadcasters in the UK. CopyCentral will be built on Zonza (our asset management system) and will benefit from its unique capabilities and our partnership with Clearcast will provide a platform to take the service into the future.”



About Clearcast

Owned by the UK’s six largest commercial broadcasters, Clearcast’s mission is to simplify the process of getting audio-visual ads to the screen.  Incorporating experience gained over fifty years, it builds on being a long-term partner in the creative process for advertising.


Clearcast approves TV, Video on Demand and Teleshopping ads on behalf of its shareholders and broadcaster clients, ensuring the BCAP and CAP codes are met. In 2011 Clearcast considered around 32,000 scripts and viewed 64,000 commercials.


Clearcast provides a number of other copy related services such as training, bespoke clearances and a pitch advisory service and also offers technical services such as and edit-to-clear for clocking, supers and some edits. Their TV Admin service is for clearances across media and Europe, including playouts and their Campaign Planning service is for advertisers and agencies that need strategic help with getting campaigns right from the start, or when more dedicated help is required.


Clearcast also commissions the CARIA®  campaign management system from IMD Optimad for television services within the UK and Ireland and our investment means that the core service is provided free of charge to buying and creative agencies.


Clearcast also run the Attribution service which underpins the analysis of television advertising in the UK.


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About Hogarth


Hogarth is a global marketing implementation agency that has developed proprietary cloud-based workflow and asset management technology to bring efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the advertising process. Hogarth combines these systems with expertise in TV, print and digital production to implement advertising campaigns around the world.


In only 4 years since the company’s foundation Hogarth has grown to over 600 employees across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. Hogarth works with some of the world’s leading advertisers, and in the past 12 months has produced and delivered campaigns into over 130 markets.


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Contact:          Richard Glasson (COO): +44 7770 752792,