The Advanced Certificate – 27th November

25th September 2019

Our most in-depth training course, The Advanced Certificate, will next open its doors next on 27th November. This will be our last session of 2019 and won’t be running again until May 2020. Email us to check availability.

Our CPD certified and IPA recognised Advanced Certificate is designed for anyone wanting a detailed overview of the specific code areas: A must for broadcasters, agency staff and advertisers seeking a deeper understanding.

This course provides the most recent guidance on the most contentious areas including the rules covering alcohol, motoring, food, gambling, privacy and political advertising.

See full course location, pricing and syllabus below:

Address: Clearcast, 4 Roger Street, London, WC1N 2JX

Price: £299.00 plus VAT


  • Outline of the Alcohol rules
  • Review of Motoring guidelines
  • Overview of the Food rules including HFSS foods
  • Review of the Gambling rules
  • Analysis of rules on Privacy and Political advertising
  • Integrated guest talks from the Clearcast team who have expertise in the various sectors

Email us to reserve your place or for future training dates.