World Mental Health Day 2020

09th October 2020

World Mental Health Day 2020 seems even more significant than usual.

We have already made a blog post about the ways that we have kept in touch and looked out for each other and our wellbeing early on in lockdown and we wanted to take this moment to look at some of the ways we as a company look out for our team’s mental health and wellbeing.

Where possible we try to have an open and supportive company culture. We make it clear from the start that if a member of our team every has any issues they can speak to their manager or our HR team. All our managers have attended Mental Health Awareness training with ACAS to help look out for their team’s wellbeing.

We understand that people may not want to speak to their managers or colleagues about everything which is worrying them, so we partnered with Validium to offer our employees a confidential EAP service. This is an invaluable service companies can offer which really supports employees through any problems they may be having in their work or personal lives.

Especially this year, the importance of work-life balance and flexibility has been front and centre. Not only has working from laptops allowed our team to continue working from home and offering the same great services to the industry, but it means that we have, for a long time, had a degree of flexibility with our employees. Many of our team have regular working from home days to allow for increased flexibility in their lives for a range of reasons.

While there is still more all companies could do, and there are always ways we can all improve our understanding of and how we approach mental health, we hope that the steps we have taken here are having a positive impact on our team and their mental wellbeing.

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