New Year, New Training

16th December 2020

Need something to look forward to for next year? Us too.

While we are busy working on the full 2021 Training Programme, we are giving you the opportunity to pre-book and secure your place on a few of our early webinars.

In 2020 we ran a total of 7 in-person training days, then 36 webinars, of which 4 were brand new courses, 9 were bespoke sessions and 5 were on-the-road. We made it to 4 different cities, across 3 countries, virtually reached 8+ countries and have issued hundreds of certificates!

In adapting the courses for an online audience, and adding both the Vital Update and Covid-19: Key Changes webinars, we continued to help agencies, advertisers and broadcasters get their ads on air and keep them there, even in the face of an uncertain year of change.

Continuing on this theme of innovation, we plan to bring you the biggest and best Clearcast Training Programme to date! Keep an eye on your inbox in January for the first half of 2021’s Training Calendar. But for now, reserve your spaces for a few key courses to start off the year…

Agency / Advertiser Certificate

What does Clearcast actually do?

Should I submit claim support alongside my ad?

Which parts of the code should I be aware of?

Join us on the CPD certified Agency / Advertiser 2-part webinar to find out the answers to these questions and much more. Expect to find out everything you need to know for a smooth clearance process of getting your ad to air, and keeping it there.

DATES: 6th & 7th January  or  27th & 28th January

TIME: 10:30am – 12:00pm

PRICE: £299 + VAT

This course covers the fundamentals of both claims and offence & restrictions. Want to know more? See new Masterclass webinars below.

Take a Masterclass

Which claims need claim support?

What words and phrases should I be mindful of when making claims in my ad?

How do you decide what might cause offence?

What timing or scheduling restriction might my ad trigger?

Building on what you’ve already learned in your Level 1 Agency/Advertiser/Broadcaster session, delve deeper into this essential topic and be the very first to gain expert knowledge in claims by joining us on the brand new course

Masterclass: Claims.

Become an expert in this vital code rule and understand how to navigate the nuances of restrictions when considering harm & offence. Building on what you’ve already learned in your Level 1 Agency/Advertiser/Broadcaster session, be the first to join the brand new course

Masterclass: Offence & Restrictions.

DATE: 17th  February

TIME: 10:30am – 12:00pm

PRICE: £199 (or £299 for both Masterclass’ if booked together) + VAT

DATE: 18th February

TIME: 10:30am – 12:00pm

PRICE: £199 (or £299 for both Masterclass’ if booked together) + VAT

We expect places to go fast! Last year we sold out all of our early courses so don’t miss out on securing your place and pre-book now.

To pre-book your place, email with your chosen date.