Major CopyCentral Upgrade

26th October 2016

Last night we rolled out some exciting changes to the way CopyCentral works. We fully migrated to CopyCentral a little over a year ago and since then we’ve been constantly working on making it even better and more reliable. We’ve listened to feedback from across the industry to help shape the future development of CopyCentral. This batch of improvements is the first in a wave of changes we’ll be making over the next year – if you’ve got a suggestion for increased functionality let our team know at


System Functionality

A lot of tweaks have been made under the hood, and from Clearcast’s side, which you won’t see but will speed up the process. Read on for the improvements which you will be able to see.


Submission Statuses

The statuses which apply to scripts and videos at various stages of the clearance process have been clarified to help you know what’s going on.


‘Pending’ has been renamed ‘With agency’ – these are submissions which require your attention and will need to be sent back to Clearcast (with any additional information or amendments which have been requested) before your contact can continue the clearance process.


You will also be able to see when a submission has been sent to the viewing meeting with the ‘Sent to viewing’ status.


‘In progress’ is a new status which applies to scripts and videos. When a script has been sent to your Clearcast contact’s second reader it will show as ‘In progress’. For videos ‘In progress’ means that the submission has been passed from the Operations team to your Clearcast contact.


Default Page

The default page that you land on for active submissions remains the ‘Feedback’ page where you can see the discussion that’s taken place between you and your Clearcast contact. For provisionally approved or fully approved submissions, the default page will now be the ‘Final Action’ tab so you can tell at a glance that it has been approved and which restriction/presentation codes have been applied.


Leaving Feedback on Final-Actioned Ads

Once an ad has been final-actioned the ‘post comment’ button will disappear so you will no longer be able to add any additional feedback. This avoids confusion about whether a submission is still in progress or not, and what information was held at the time an ad was approved.


Parent/Child Emails

Previously when a ‘parent’ clock was approved you would receive an automated email plus another for each ‘child’ clock. For an unlucky few this meant a deluge of hundreds of emails. From now on you’ll receive just one automated email from the ‘parent’ clock, listing all child clocks, to help you get that inbox back under control.


Accounts – A Reminder

Agencies are responsible for all account admin, including creating new user accounts and deleting those belonging to employees who have moved on. This is crucial for data-protection purposes and forms part of the CopyCentral terms of use. Sharing of logins is against the terms of use for the same reason. If an account exec leaves your agency for a rival it would be a breach of data protection and confidentiality if they log back in to your agencies’ submissions. If we become aware that an agency is not deactivating old accounts or is sharing logins, the whole agency’s account could be frozen or, in an extreme case, a company’s access to CopyCentral could be withdrawn.


Email Alerts

As a CopyCentral user you receive automated emails related to your submissions as well as important updates like this one. If you would like to opt in to receive news of important regulatory changes, newsletters, training course announcements or press releases you can sign up to receive those emails here.


If you have a suggestion for further CopyCentral development let our tech team know, and in the meantime please follow us on Twitter for the latest news on all things Clearcast.