Got a great idea?

23rd February 2021

With the whole world adapting to the seismic changes that took place across the globe last year, we take a look at how our Copy Development service faired.

And more importantly, whether it can continue to help you in 2021 (the short answer is yes!)

But first of all, what exactly is Copy Development?

We’ll work with you to analyse ideas against the BCAP Code, spot potential clearance issues early and identify ways to address problems. Involve us at pitch stage, during creative development or on-set and give your ad the best possible chance of actually making it to air. You focus on the creative concept, and we’ll focus on making sure it’s compliant.

Choose which options suit your project needs the best.

While you’re developing ideas and drafting script options, we’ll keep an eye on that all-important factor: will it work within the BCAP Code?

Copy Development advice with an expert in the relevant sector – our consultants’ expertise cover many sectors including medicine, nutrition, cosmetics and more.

We’ll examine and feed back to you on your pitch or research scripts, allowing you to present your concepts with confidence to potential clients or focus groups.

For those projects which can only be finalised on set, we’ll attend your shoot to provide expert guidance, allowing you to make changes to ensure that it stays compliant.

So how did we adapt to 2020? And what does this mean for 2021?

Although we couldn’t meet in-person, we were still able to provide the value of our face-to-face meetings online. In fact, this sometimes allowed for even greater flexibility for stakeholders. This year we can continue to work with you during both the pitch and creative planning stages, as well as offer those all-important meetings with consultants.

The other string to our bow – delivering on-set guidance – wasn’t such an easy switch, however. Having said this, we are proud to say that with ingenuity, creativity (which is what we do best!) and modern technology, we did manage to find a way to deliver on-set guidance in certain circumstances.

In August 2020, Copy Development Manager, Seb, worked with a client to provide guidance from home while they shot their ad. Using special software he was able to watch the live feed from the set, through his laptop, and use Google Docs and WhatsApp to react in real-time. This meant that Seb could identify potential clearance issues and provide problem-solving advice. The client was then able to act upon the guidance right there and then, ultimately saving them valuable time and money.

What do the numbers say?

“It was super helpful to know that we have somewhere to go with this idea, rather than it being completely unacceptable as a concept! Seb is in great demand from our end! He really is a genius – can’t thank him enough.”

Charlotte, Saatchi & Saatchi, September 2020

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