CopyCentral Migration Is Complete

04th September 2015

Our new copy clearance system, CopyCentral, is now in use by all agencies submitting to us. That means all 1,100 agencies we work with and a whopping 3,500 users have been migrated to the new system. It’s fair to say it’s been a mammoth task. As if that’s not enough, this week we have closed down the remaining open submissions on Adway. All ongoing or new submissions are now on CopyCentral.


Unfortunately it won’t be possible to access your historic data on CopyCentral because the system maps data in a different way. Our priority has to be ensuring confidentiality of the submissions we have received and with new users, new teams and external team sharing it’s just too complicated to ensure that access permissions are 100% correct. For a period of time you’ll be able to access historic data on Adway as now and we’ll let you know in good time when Adway will no longer be available.


It’s worth noting that we’ve already had more than 21,000 submissions on CopyCentral, with over 400 on one particularly busy day.


If you’re a CopyCentral user you will have noticed that one of the most obvious differences is the look of the system, with options arrayed in tabs rather than having to scroll through a submission. The feedback channel means it’s easier to keep track of the progress of an individual submission. In addition, being able to set up teams means that it’s possible to grant access to certain submissions to trafficking agencies and post houses.


We’ve also changed the sign-up procedure – agencies are now in charge of their own accounts. When new members of staff join agencies or people move on, it’s up to the designated super-users at the agency to set up and close access to accounts.


Don’t worry, you’re not in this on your own: we’ve set up a dedicated help portal for all your CopyCentral queries, from technical details to user guides. One of the most important things you’ll find there is the technical specs for video submissions. CopyCentral will only process files of the recommended specs, so to ensure a swift upload make sure the specs match up. CopyCentral accepts broadcast master files, so there’s no need to create a separate, lower resolution version for us as previously. The safest way to ensure the file meets specification is to upload the broadcast master. There are also comprehensive FAQs, so if you’re wondering about changes to final action documents or email notifications then take a look and your questions should be answered.


We’ve had loads of great feedback on the system so far, with agencies saying it’s ‘a lot easier to use than we anticipated.’ We’re not done developing the system yet though – we’re after feedback on CopyCentral; how it works, how it handles and what functionality you’d find even more helpful. Email your thoughts to to help us build a roadmap for future development.


Thanks for all your support and patience during the migration process. It’s been a massive endeavour and we couldn’t have done it without your help!


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