Clearcast Training is Now Online!

02nd April 2020

Spring into Action: Clearcast Training is now online!

Until this difficult time has passed, we are unable to offer our in-person courses. However, as the saying goes if you can’t come to Clearcast Training then Clearcast Training must come to you! So we have brought our training services online.

To ensure you stay up to date with all the need to know Clearcast info, we are now offering our two most popular courses: CPD Certified Agency + Advertiser Certificate Courses as two-part live webinars that you can do from home.

The interactive live webinars are inspired by our popular in-person courses covering the same vital info you need to help get your ads to air + keep them there. We explain all the recent/important changes, watch-outs, hot topics, tips and best practice advice to ensure smooth approvals. Plus, we have integrated expert speakers, quizzes, plenty of Q&A and training materials for you to reference.

Check out our full Agency syllabus here & Advertiser syllabus here

We’re also planning an event later in the year where all attendees can visit our offices to meet our team, network and ‘graduate’ by receiving their certificate.

Our bespoke training will also be coming online soon. We’ll be back in touch next month when bookings are open for tailored training.