Christmas Deadlines 2018

04th October 2018

We now have the below copy instructions & delivery timetable which has been agreed by ITV, Sky Media, Channel 4 & Turner Broadcasting for the 2018 Christmas period.


Day  Airdate Copy Instructions By Copy Delivery & Approval By
Tuesday  4th December 29-Nov 29-Nov
Wednesday  5th December 30-Nov 30-Nov
Thursday  6th December 03-Dec 03-Dec
Friday  7th December 04-Dec 04-Dec
Saturday  8th December 05-Dec 05-Dec
Sunday  9th December 05-Dec 05-Dec
Monday  10th December 05-Dec 05-Dec
Tuesday  11th December 05-Dec 06-Dec
Wednesday  12th December 06-Dec 07-Dec
Thursday  13th December 06-Dec 10-Dec
Friday  14th December 07-Dec 11-Dec
Saturday  15th December 07-Dec 12-Dec
Sunday  16th December 10-Dec 12-Dec
Monday  17th December 10-Dec 12-Dec
Tuesday  18th December 11-Dec 13-Dec
Wednesday  19th December 11-Dec 14-Dec
Thursday  20th December 12-Dec 17-Dec
Friday  21st December 12-Dec 18-Dec
Saturday  22nd December 13-Dec 18-Dec
Sunday  23rd December 13-Dec 18-Dec
Monday*  24th December 14-Dec 18-Dec
Tuesday**  25th December 14-Dec 19-Dec
Wednesday**   26th December 17-Dec 19-Dec
Thursday  27th December 17-Dec 19-Dec
Friday  28th December 18-Dec 19-Dec
Saturday  29th December 18-Dec 19-Dec
Sunday  30th December 18-Dec 19-Dec
Monday*  31st December 20-Dec 20-Dec
Tuesday**  1st January 20-Dec 20-Dec
Wednesday  2nd January 20-Dec 20-Dec


VOD campaigns between 21st Dec 2018 – 4th Jan 2019, all copy, rotations, trackings tags and changes need to be received by Dec 14th.


* Clearcast Closed


** Bank Holiday


See the Clearcast opening times for the Christmas period here.