Business as usual for Copy Development

03rd April 2020

Our Copy Development service is running remotely and can still offer face to face consultation sessions online. We will assist you in making sure you deliver effective ads, remaining sensitive to current issues, whilst staying within the lines of the BCAP Code.

We’ve created a short video to bring to life the different strands of the service and benefits to agencies and advertisers, you can watch it here.

The service, run by our Copy Development Manager Seb Lynch, has proved popular over the years because it saves time, money and stress by involving us as you shape your concepts, creative and claims so that once your ad is ready, the clearance process is as smooth as possible. 

Contact Seb, Copy Development Manager on 020 7339 4771 or email him with any questions you have.

“Seb was an excellent help during our initial territory exploration with a tricky subject matter. He helped us find the lines where we could be as challenging as we wanted to be but still comply with regulations.”

Jo, Founded