As part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme, Clearcast For Better, one of the activities in which Clearcast has become involved is mentoring.


In partnership with Haverstock School in Camden, one member of Clearcast staff has this year become a mentor for a Sixth Form student.  Haverstock School students compete to become part of Career Ready, which pairs the students with mentors from various fields, from marketing to research.


The mentor’s role is to meet the student around once a month, with email discussions in between.  Students and their mentors work on topics such as writing a CV, preparing for interviews, setting up revision timetables, developing job-related skills and completing university application forms.  Both student and mentor receive coaching from Haverstock’s Career Ready staff, and there are tremendous bonuses for both sides.  The student receives support from someone other than a parent or teacher, learning more about what is expected from them in the workplace, and the types of jobs that are around. Meanwhile, the mentor gets much from seeing the student progress, and learning what the world is like for the teenager of today!


At the start of the first year there is a dinner, this year hosted by Career Ready partner Olswang, in which students and their mentors meet.  The end of the programme sees the students ‘graduate’.  Haverstock School does much to support the students, who also receive complimentary interview outfits from one of Career Ready’s partners. Career Ready generally lasts for two years, and students often go on to have lifelong friendships with their mentors.


For more on our partnership with Haverstock school, check out our intern programme and the piece our first ever interns wrote for our newsletter.