International Training

Every country has different rules and requirements for getting your ads to Broadcast. We provide an extensive offering of training courses on the UK clearance process. But what if you need to produce an ad for international broadcast and you don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in!

“Very well presented indeed and extremely interesting as rules and reactions are different from one country to another.”

Sylvia Favre Balloy, Ogilvy Paris

We don’t currently have any International Training planned but keep an eye on this page, our Twitter page and your inbox (if you are signed up to our mailing list!) for course announcements. We’re likely to provide these if there are any big changes to a country’s regulations. If you’re looking for International Training in the meantime then we may be able to provide a Bespoke session for you, designed around the country, sector and requirements that you need.

Past courses and events have included guest speakers from France, Sweden, Germany, Russia, India and lots more.

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