We can’t forget the one – offs and the spontaneous acts of kindness that we see all the time from our staff, check the good deed feed. 


Toy donations

For years we have been donating Toy samples to local charities, if an ad features a toy which lights up, makes noise or moves around on its own, the likelihood is we’ve been sent a sample. Toys were made to be played with, not to be thrown out, which is why we make sure the toys find a good home at the children’s unit at The Royal Marsden Hospital. 


The Joinery space

Last year, Clearcast evolved into a 3- floor operation meaning lots more space on offer. The ground floor is used every morning for the morning viewing meeting and then for our training sessions. However, if we can, we are more than happy to offer this space out like we did in January this year for Mildmay charity’s yearly away day.



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