Vital Update Webinar: The Review

15th October 2020

By Alyx Leeming, Admin & Communications Executive

2020 has been a momentous year of change with the global pandemic requiring every industry to adapt. This of course includes the advertising world, as a number of new guidelines have been introduced to reflect the seemingly ever-changing landscape. However, it’s not just COVID-19 which has influenced these changes as new restrictions around foods with high fat, sugar or salt content (HFSS) have been announced along with gender stereotyping and superimposed text rules last year.

To help agencies and advertisers keep up to date and learn how to navigate the biggest changes in a decade, the Clearcast Training Programme launched the Vital Update course. A 60-minute session packed with the latest advice, examples and case studies as well as a chance to ask those burning questions.

What would be a more fitting setting for a course like this, than via Zoom? With many delegates – and the Training team – working from home, the course was offered exclusively as an online webinar. Having had recent success moving our Agency course online, UK & International Training Manager, Michael Haydon was able to design the Vital Update course specifically with the online learner in mind. As a result, we connected with people from their home offices across the UK, Ireland, Finland, the US and the Netherlands!

“Expertly presented with even more reason to get this under your belt due to the current situation this year. Nuanced borderline examples explained quickly. As always, involve Clearcast at the earliest stage possible.”

Chris at Vince

100% of delegates would recommend this course!

Figure taken from delegates who responded to “would you recommend this course?”

Over the 3 sessions, we trained professionals from across the industry including Campaign Producers, Company Directors and Business Affairs Managers as well as Traffic Executives, Production Coordinators, Head of Films, Commercial Directors, MDs and more. The delegates joined us from 62 different organisations within the world of Advertising including Broadcasting teams and Creative Agencies. These included Channel 4, Grey London, Uber Agency and Ogilvy, to name just a few. Thank you to all who attended!

Our top 3 take-away tips from the course:

  1. When submitting scripts, where possible include the gender of your characters. This will help us to consider your ad in line with gender stereotyping rules at the earliest possible stage.
  2. Context is key! As explained within our blog here, if your ad references the current situation then we would advise government guidelines are followed within it. If it was very clearly filmed before the government rules came into play, then you may be able to use the old ad as it is. However, flaunting contemporary rules in newly filmed ads (or even if it looks like a new ad) is not acceptable.
  3. As well as considering the current sensitivities and updated guidance when creating new ads, don’t forget to consider them when planning to re-air old ads too.

“I feel further informed and comfortable with ongoing and future Clearcast submissions. Thanks for a great session, and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone in the world of advertising!”

Emma at Uber Agency

Delegates rated the course 9.1 out of 10!

Average response from delegates who answered “what would you rate the course out of 10?”

Although we can’t wait to get back to the training room, the online webinars have proved the possibilities of what can be done. Our upcoming Agency/Advertiser, Advanced and Broadcaster courses will also be hosted online so that you don’t miss out. If you would like to book a Vital Update course or anything specific for your team, then we would love to discuss a Bespoke booking with you.

You can book onto our training courses via the website or via email to

Keep an eye out for future Vital Update courses too! Follow us on Twitter to be the first to find out when the next one is announced (as well as to receive lots of useful advice and tips!)

Feedback from Vital Update delegates:

“Very insightful – it covers a range of new information, from supers to COVID-19 and as the world and industry is constantly changing it’s great to have these sessions so readily available.”

Lois at Adam & Eve DDB

“Clear and concise update on the most vital and important changes in our industry.”

Julie at Engine

“Really informative about some of the new trends that have emerged. There were things I had not even considered would affect some of our advertising.”

Ryan at Channel 4

“As you can imagine I am getting questions about this every day so it’s great to have answers for people.”

Sam at Karmarama

“Michael was great, clear and very concise. He covered a lot of info in the hour.  A great help.”

Cath at TBWA

“I loved the detail you inserted into everything and the context (e.g. around the high fats or sugar stuff)”

Elsa at 72 & Sunny New York

“It was very informative in terms of Covid-19, plus the other points on the gender stereotypes. It’s interesting to know how Clearcast are handling things during the pandemic.”

Vanessa at Hogarth

“The session was really useful thanks, especially the updates around text changes and COVID considerations. I’d definitely recommend the webinar.”

Ben at The&Partnership

“I really enjoyed the session, particularly discussions around claims that could be related to COVID. It really helped explain why certain claims have been rejected. I would certainly recommend this to other producers as it was incredibly helpful!”

Georgina at Truant

“Extremely informative. Took away a couple of key pointers regarding “these times” and the imagery that needs to be shown if this reference is being made.”

Pete at Top Cat Media Group

“It answered a lot of the questions we had surrounding Covid & was a great refresher on some other key points too.”

Rebecca at Sassy Films

“Information received about filming guidelines during Covid great and not too lengthy. Very to the point, but understand no one has had to have these considerations for their adverts before so always good to have the option to talk to someone at Clearcast to gather opinions on different topics so was helpful to have the Q&A during the session.”

Charlotte at Fall Off The Wall

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