Hello new website

28th April 2014

Welcome to Clearcast’s new website and blog.


Today we’re launching a complete overhaul of our website. Our previous site served us well for years and as you will have noticed having got this far, the new one has a totally different look and feel. Clearcast has developed a lot since our creation in 2008 and the new site better reflects our full range of activities, whilst continuing to provide lots of help for people who are coming to it to better understand the copy clearance process.


It’s also very different under the hood. The site is actually two sites that are seamlessly connected: a corporate site and a knowledge base. A lot of the information that people come looking for is housed in the latter section, and we’ve taken the opportunity to do a complete rewrite to make sure it’s consistent and user friendly.


We have two animations, one that gives an overview of the breadth of what we do and the other that explains the clearance process. If you want Clearcast in a nutshell, they are a great place to start.


We’ve also introduced the concept of “apps” as well as services as we provide quite a few apps now; not only our Copy Clearance system but also things like our superimposed text timer, Online Flash Test and our International Copy Advice database.


To help you navigate our services according to your needs, we’ve introduced “toolboxes” for Creatives and people involved in Post Production and Admin. Over time we expect to introduce one for Media Buyers too.


The new site is also fully optimised for mobile devices – great if you’re at a shoot or on the move and need to check in with us.


And finally there’s a new blog. We’ve discussed this for a while and want to use it to share our thoughts informally on issues that we often get asked about. Until now we’ve responded formally on items that have caught the media’s interest, such as ads we have deemed political and been unable to clear but not had a medium for outlining our thinking on and less topical matters such as the implications of ASA adjudications or code changes. We want to use the blog to do much more of this, to give readers greater insights into how and why we do what we do.


I hope you like the new site. As with any big change it may take some getting used to and there will be minor irritations like bookmarks that will no longer work. Please do send us your feedback to websiteenquiries@clearcast.co.uk.




Chris Mundy, Managing Director at Clearcast