09th October 2019

It’s just over a month to go until one of the biggest sales events of the year arrives. Below, our Senior Copy Exec Nicola Wynter gives us her top 6 tips for getting  those Black Friday TV ads right first time.

This is a revision of a 2018 blog called ‘Black Friday ads- six watch outs’. All the advice is still relevant and in line with the BCAP code guidance. Here they are:

  • As with any sale or offer we will need you to upload the ad script with the retail substantiation form filled out by the advertiser
  • Any products featured within the advert should be included in the event
  • If the sale is an existing one, you can’t compile the ad calling it a Black Friday Sale
  • Most Black Friday promotions are longer than just one day, and that isn’t a problem but the ad should always make this clear by stating the start and end date with a super. There should be no implication the sale is just on for one day e.g. with audio stating ‘Only on Black Friday’ as this would contradict the start and end dates stated in the super
  • If the promotion doesn’t include discounted items, but instead features offers like “free installation” then you can’t call it a sale but you can call it an event
  • If the event doesn’t have an end date as the products are on offer until they are no longer in stock, you will need the super “while stock lasts” or similar

If you have any questions about your Black Friday ads please talk to your Clearcast Copy Exec.