The ASAI’s New Code – What’s Changing?

11th November 2015

The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland have published a new code that will come into force in March 2016, with big changes that concern all advertisers. Ahead of our International Training event this month where Orla Twomey (ASAI veteran, and their newly appointed CEO) will be going into detail and fielding questions, here’s a taster of some of the changes.


E-cigarettes, new to the market since the last code came out in 2007, have their own section. With a focus on the social responsibility of E-cigarette ads, it also highlights that there shouldn’t be anything which promotes tobacco products. Those familiar with this sector will know that further restrictions may be introduced by Brussels – so watch this space.


Another new section deals with gambling advertising, with rules on the mandatory inclusion of both a message to encourage responsible gambling as well as links to further information.


The rules for food advertising have undergone a complete overhaul in order to align them with the EU Regulation for nutrition and health claims. There is also an emphasis on the sense of responsibility around promotions, particularly those targeting children.


When studying the new ASAI Code, you will also find that the criteria for the substantiation of claims have been further strengthened, especially for health & beauty products and environmental claims. No doubt the latter category will be facing enhanced scrutiny following recent scandals in the automotive sector.



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