New York & Legal Supers: The results

29th July 2019

Cass Coakley, Admin and Communications Executive

Following the mid-year training update published in our summer newsletter we also wanted to follow up with the results of our summer courses. To prepare and deliver both standalone sessions within 3 weeks was an ambitious first for the Training Programme and it probably won’t be the last! Our aim is always to service the industries needs so we can work together better to clear ads.

For the first time our Training Programme went across the pond and landed in New York ready to share our most popular CPD course; the Agency Certificate.

Although many US agencies and advertisers have UK offices and have attended our London based Courses, some prefer to manage the process from overseas, usually within their network and legal departments.

We aimed to expand our reach and give these agencies the opportunity to learn the essentials to getting their ads to air as smoothly as possible. From a regulation perspective, differences in practises and code rules were an obvious hot topic too. Here’s the stats:



“Great job! Truly superb presentation and exceptional delivery!” Michael, Consultant – Lee and Steel LLC

“Great course for all levels. Wonderful presentation and interaction” Sam, Client Account Manager-  Comcast

“I learnt a lot, the session was great and Michael was very knowledgeable. I think the training will improve our approval process” Camille, Global Project Manager-  Combe Inc


Following on from the BCAP guidance changes earlier this year we decided to run an in-depth bite-size session for anyone in the industry working with super imposed legal text.

Our Training Manager Michael was joined by Mark Hynes (Clearcast’s Operations Manager) for a 90-minute supers break down. Our training space was full to the brim with a mixture of industry folk from Business Affairs Managers to Visual Effects artists. Here’s the stats:


“Thanks so much for the training session today, it was very clear and incredibly valuable.” Ben, Product Manager – Rockstar Games

“Excellent course, very thorough and engaging” Laura, Senior Producer-  Amazon

“Really useful presentation and good use of examples” Autumn, TV Production Assistant – TBWA

What Michael said: 

We’d wanted to do a US based session for some time and it’s great that it was so well received. There are a lot of key differences between the US and UK markets both in process but also in taste/decency issues. It was fascinating exploring these differences and the feedback indicates  demand for a West Coast session. We’ll look into this in due course…

As for Supers, the regulation changes are having a big impact on the UK ad industry and it was valuable to dissect the new guidance to ensure delegates have the best chance to get their ads on air and keep them there. Both Mark and I are happy to re-run this training as a bespoke session at client offices, email us to find out more.

To book a place on our regular certificate courses please email us or book directly online here.