The making of our party posters

04th April 2017

We can be heroes, just for one day


If you were at our party in Soho a few weeks ago, you’ll have spotted some music legends. Debbie, Ziggy, Aretha, Dusty, Paul, Bob, Tina, Johnny, Janis and Elton all made an appearance.  You couldn’t miss them.


For anyone who wasn’t there, I’m not about to fool you into thinking we had the spare dosh for their  fees so should probably explain. Ten giant posters of the stars loomed over our guests from huge pillars in the venue.


“Wow, that shot of Debbie Harry really reminds me of my Copy Exec Lou…wait…what?”


Well…100 Wardour Street, the venue for the party, was previously the famous Marquee Club, where artists like The Rolling Stones and David Bowie cut their teeth in the 60s and 70s. So, as an homage to the musicians of this era, we decided to create some posters for the evening. These posters would be giant photos of Clearcast staff dressed as the stars, holding signs displaying some snappy info about Clearcast.


It soon became clear this was going to be a mammoth task so I enlisted the help of Cass Coakley, the Admin Assistant for the Clearcast plus team. (Shout out to Cass for the amazing Ziggy make up!)


Luckily for me, the enthusiasm to don spandex and wear face paint and wigs was at a higher level than I’d expected. Before I knew it we had 10 Clearcasters raring for action.


We wanted the photos to look as authentic as possible so we spent a lot of time researching outfits and hair and makeup styles. We turned to BAFTA winning Angels on Shaftesbury Avenue for our vintage costume hire and most of our wigs and also found a makeup artist.


Shoot day came around in early February and the team descended on Sutherland Labs  in Covent Garden where we set up in a giant loft room. Our photographers Anton Artemenkov and Martin Hobby arranged the camera, lighting and backdrop while we laid out the costumes and wigs and hurried the first few ladies into make up. May the transformations begin!


Having your photo taken can be uncomfortable for some. Having your photo taken wearing spandex, a wig and crazy makeup could be considered a little worse. Having your photo taken wearing spandex, a wig and crazy makeup right in front of a giggling gaggle of pointing team mates is most peoples’ idea of hell. But this lot loved it!


So, with relevant music videos blaring from a huge flat screen TV to inspire some poses, within no time at all we had Dusty Springfield (AKA Justyna Shala) kicking off proceedings. A few hours later the session finished up with Elton John, (AKA Mark Hynes) belting out “Hold me closer tiny dancer, Count the headlights on the higghhhhwaaaay” while Martin snapped away. No Dutch courage required. For those two anyway.


We were spoilt for choice when it came to selecting the final files to blow up into posters for the party, but I think you’d agree, we finished up with some corkers which now take pride of place in our board room (yes, don’t worry – smaller versions!).


You can find more info on the services behind the music legends Bob, Ziggy, Paul, Johnny and Dusty on our site (follow the hyperlinked names).


Click on the images below to see larger versions.



Ellie Powell, Communications Executive