How can our TV Admin team help you?

19th November 2019

In the run up to Christmas you might be juggling the admin load yourself, outsourcing it at high costs or pretending it doesn’t exist until the last minute! Whatever your style, we want you to know we’re here to help. Whether it’s just some practical advice or you need us to manage the admin across a whole campaign, we’re only a phone call away.

Below, Danny Turner ( 0207 339 4770 ), our Business Affairs Manager tells us why he’s the man for you this festive season.

So how can I help you?

USPs are always a good start. For Clearcast TV Admin these are:

  • TV advertising clearance (UK and International)
  • TV/VOD advertising delivery (UK and International)
  • Copy advice and Clearance in many countries outside of Europe.
  • All the above and many other services all in the quickest possible time.

But are Clearcast’s USP’s really all UNIQUE?

Many companies may offer similar services but at Clearcast you can also expect:

  • Unrivalled global contacts; we are part of the EASA network of clearance bodies and have excellent contacts in Europe and beyond.
  • Honesty; I won’t waste time submitting something for clearance when I know there are questions that haven’t been answered and that will lengthen the overall process. Getting it right first time will speed up the administration of your airtime.

My ethos is that I will help all clients in the quickest possible time. I have a lot of knowledge about regulations in different markets and will seek advice in areas that I don’t. I will do as much as I can to assist with your requests but I will never make a promise to do something that I know from the beginning is unrealistic. Nonetheless, I will always work hard to get the best outcome for your campaigns.

We offer TV admin services at Clearcast, my name is Danny and I can help.

Happy clients said:

“Truly a weight off our shoulders in the production process and definitely worth every penny!” – Farah, Banana Split Productions – November 2019

“Danny always makes us feel comfortable to ask for help and his advice and information is something that is highly appreciatedThank you for always answering that call.” – Alizia, Hogarth Cape Point – November 2019