Get to know your Clearcasters – Baljit

27th October 2016


Baljit Kaur Sandhu



Operations Administrator


Tell us a bit about your job:

As they say – I’ve got my fingers in all the pies! I deal with all things Admin for CopyCentral, logins for CopyCentral, queries, logging any ASA Complaints, a bit of ingest, cover for all areas of Operations, large Online Flash Test files and the good old Zendesk tickets.


Currently watching:

House of Cards, Orange is the new black, New Girl and a few others! I love my American programmes – God Bless America!


Currently listening to:

Anything that’s latest in the charts, but I do love RnB and old skool rap and hip-hop – they don’t do music like that anymore, they were the good old days!


It’s 10am on a typical day – what are you up to?

With a cup of tea by my side I go through my emails and Zendesk tickets and reply to the queries. If someone in Operations is off then I help cover them or help in ingest. If there’s an ASA complaint I’ll log it into the database and pass onto the Clearcast Exec.


What’s your favourite part of the job?

I enjoy visiting agencies and broadcasters – It’s nice to put a name to a face as we deal with them on a daily basis and we can informally go over any queries they may have regarding CopyCentral, how we work and what we can do to help them or vice versa. I enjoy the fact that it’s a varied role – I could be covering an Operations Assistant for three weeks and at other times I could be helping in ingest.


Do you lunch in or out? What’s on the menu today?

I lunch in and out! But today I am having a cheese, avocado, basil, and pesto bagel from a French place round the corner.


How would you describe the culture at Clearcast?

It’s a friendly place and a great environment to work in. Everyone is easy going and we do have a fair few social gatherings.


What do you get up to when you’re not at Clearcast?

I split my time between my family and friends. I love going out to new restaurants and afternoon teas and socialising with friends and family. I have a husband and a son so we normally have a family day out and about on weekends whenever we can, or we just laze around the local parks where my son loves to bike ride. Generally I’m busy dropping and picking my son up from all his activities – it never stops, but it’s great for him.