30th October 2018

Back in February of this year, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) announced tougher standards on Gambling advertising, focusing on ads’ appeal to problem gamblers and on free bets and bonuses.


In response to this, The Clearcast Training Programme devised a three-part plan to inform and discuss these changes with UK Gambling advertisers across Malta, Gibraltar & London. This was the first time in nearly a decade our Training Programme focused exclusively on Gambling regs and where better to do so than the three major hubs for Gambling across Europe?


We wanted to deliver 90-minute bitesize sessions concentrating on the dos and don’ts for Gambling TV ads in the UK. The agenda covered key rules and restrictions, the latest best practice, significant ASA rulings in the gaming sector and types of claims that need substantiation.


Malta: 13.09.18

First up, our UK & International Training Manager, Michael Haydon, flew to the cultural capital of Europe, Malta, where Casumo kindly lent us their offices to host.


  • 100% of attendees said they would recommend the course to a colleague
  • 100% of attendees rated the course either excellent or very good


 “It is very beneficial to understand the regs + get a better insight about the balance Clearcast targets to maintain. The awareness about minimising the risks + preventing damage can be better transferred with these meetings”


 “It was definitely useful and worthwhile”


“Since it is very hard for i-gaming companies to come together and define a self-discipline, Clearcast can be a perfect mediator within the industry”



Gibraltar: 27.09.18

Next up, Michael landed in sunny Gibraltar to deliver the second round of training. This time our stage was The University of Gibraltar, protruding over the beautiful coastline, the perfect zen learning spot. The session had a wide variety of attendees including a few from an agency who flew in from London to train alongside their client, based here in Gibraltar.


  • 100% of attendees said they felt significantly more confident in their knowledge of UK advertising rules around Gambling after the training
  • 100% of attendees rated the delivery of the session ‘Excellent’ or ‘very good’


“Excellent session”


“Very useful to get a background and better understanding of Clearcast’s background. Helpful and informative”


“Useful to do with the client. I have picked up a lot more info not only about the code but about Clearcast work and how to push back”



London: 04.10.18

And finally, home, to a suspiciously sunny October day in London.  We had a full house and an extensive mix of professionals from marketing managers, to lawyers, to producers, this would be an interesting round of Q&A. After the morning spread of croissants and coffee and some chit chat the training commenced, here are the stats:


  • 100% of attendees agreed they felt more confident in their knowledge on UK TV Advertising rules around Gambling after the session
  • 100% of the attendees said that they would recommend the course to a colleague


“Well thought out and desperately needed for an industry under intense scrutiny”


“I now have a fuller understanding and can advise my clients at initial creative conception”


 “This was so useful. Michael was great. He provided so much knowledge and information about gambling and was very engaging – thank you!”


“Very informative, expertly delivered”


Over the 3 sessions, we trained 57 people from across the industry including agencies, broadcasters and 10 x different gambling advertisers. We were overwhelmed with the response – so, thank you to all who attended!

Our sector specific or bite-size training sessions run once or twice a year alongside our regular courses. We have a few exciting sessions planned for 2019 so stay tuned! Or to pre-book your 2019 place for one of our regular spots, email us.


Thoughts from Michael:

“Whilst we have never staged the same training three times, we wanted to reach out to those based abroad and not limit the training to London. Special thanks goes to Florian Hohenleitner at Casumo, Jihane Nehhas at the University of Gibraltar and of course, Cass Coakley at Clearcast for making each session a success. The training evolved over the course of each location and was shaped by the delegate interaction who contributed lively Q&A and insightful observations throughout.”