CopyCentral is coming…make sure you’re ready!

14th March 2014

What is CopyCentral?


CopyCentral is the name of our next generation online submission system that launched in July 2014. Agencies are currently being migrated on to the new system and this process will be completed by mid-2015.


Any advertising agency or advertiser who has (an) existing Adway log in/s with us and needs to continue to submit ads (scripts/rough cuts/clocked commercials) to us for clearance will need to sign up to the new system.



How do we sign up?


We have already contacted all our existing Adway users with instructions and over 700 agencies are set to migrate smoothly. If you haven’t yet signed up for CopyCentral then you will need to do so in good time before you submit scripts or ads for clearance.


Getting on board CopyCentral is a straightforward two step process.


1. A person of authority in your organisation needs to agree to and sign the terms and conditions related to using the system. If you think you can help with this, please email


2. At least one super user needs to be assigned to add any additional super users  sign up other/new users and administer the account.


Once you’re set up, your organisation will have overall control and responsibility for who has access to the new system.



What are the benefits of CopyCentral?


CopyCentral will bring lots of new features and improvements to our system:


  • Improved usability and functionality
  • Better stability and availability
  • Intuitive User Interface including a  more guided approach to creating submissions
  • Powerful Search capabilities (coming after first system release)
  • Linking of scripts, rough cuts and video submissions, allowing for less duplication of work and data entry
  • Mobile Device Support – Support for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphone (dependent on the capabilities of the device)  allowing access to your account whilst off-site
  • Faster reliable uploads
  • The security model in CopyCentral has been changed, meaning that submissions are owned by a team configured within an  agency. This makes the submissions visible to all members of this team which will help in situations where the primary user is  unavailable and someone else has to pick up the work
  • CopyCentral will support upload of broadcast masters which brings two major benefits: 1) Eliminate the need to transcode the file that is delivered to broadcast into another form, reducing work and costs involved in producing content in multiple forms. 2) Means we can run Hardings HFPA-X (flashing) tests on the actual file that is broadcast, so when an ad is  approved by Clearcast, you can be confident that a broadcaster will not refuse delivery due to Flash test failures
  • The system will also be future proof – allowing us to utilise the best of emerging technologies
  • FAQs, specifications and help manuals will be available on the new site along with an interactive demo site for new users


The system will continue to evolve and we’re already planning further enhancements for future releases.



Why is Adway being replaced?


The decision to replace Adway follows significant growth since 2005 in the number of scripts and ads held on it, with technology (particularly online video formats and applications) also advancing at a fast rate. Over the years we’ve upgraded Adway to match the pace of change and in 2013 36,600 scripts and 65,000 video files were uploaded on to the system, however we’ve now reached the point at which it cannot be upgraded further to cope with the current and future requirements of Clearcast and our customers.



Who is building CopyCentral?


We have chosen Hogarth Worldwide to develop and build our new system because it has successfully demonstrated to us that it is able to outreach our on-going requirements; its systems are used by some of the world’s largest advertising agencies and large advertisers such as Nike and Unilever who entrust Hogarth to handle their video assets on a global scale.


The technologies behind Hogarth’s proven ZONZA (digital asset management) and FIDO (management information and workflow platforms) will form the backbone of CopyCentral, however CopyCentral will be a standalone system and will operate independently.



Will our confidential information be secure?


We have to review confidential information on behalf of many advertisers and agencies so that we can verify, on behalf of broadcasters, the claims being made in ads; this  is a condition of each broadcaster’s licence.


We recognise the paramount importance of keeping confidential information secure, and have ensured contractually, functionally and procedurally that CopyCentral will do so. Amongst the safeguards in place, Hogarth is required to meet strict requirements for data security as well as to comply with the Data Protection Act.



How do we make submissions during the changeover?


New ad submissions from the date you organisation is on board will need to be made on CopyCentral but existing ones can continue to be managed in Adway, which will be switched off 4 weeks after final group is migrated across.


It’s very important the agreements have been signed and returned and the super users have been assigned well in advance of this.



Will we still have access to our old ad submissions?


Yes, once we switch off Adway, you will be able to access 5 years worth of final TVC submissions from your CopyCentral account. Until we switch off Adway you should continue to access old submissions there. Data security is paramount so we will discuss how best to provide access to these, as we do not expect users to map neatly from the old system to the new in many cases.



 How do I find out how to use CopyCentral?


You can find user guides for CopyCentral at



What do I do if I have any problems using CopyCentral or suggestions for how it can be improved?


You can report bugs or request features at You’ll be issued a support ticket and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Support requests will be handled directly by Clearcast’s Operations team.



Who do we contact with any further questions about the changeover?


Please email with any questions you may have.