All Change For Chinese Ad Regulation

04th November 2015

In September China updated its ad law for the first time since the arrival of Western brands and the advent of the Internet. It’s therefore not entirely surprising that the changes are significant in many areas. Ahead of our International Training event in November, where Li Xiao (CANA Training & International Affairs Director) will be talking specifics, here’s a flavour of what’s changed.


China has seen several food safety scandals, something which has contributed to the reinforcement on the protection against misleading advertising. The fines have increased in this area too;  an advertiser using post production techniques to whiten a celebrity endorser’s teeth was recently fined just under £625,000.


The use of superlatives has been similarly tightened – you can no longer claim to be the ‘highest’ or the ‘best’, and if you do you risk fines from £20,000 to £100,000.


New or more strict rules have been introduced to cover a variety of topics as diverse as tobacco advertising, celebrity endorsement, baby food, and the use of children in ads, to mention but a few.


As the old law dated from 1994 it’s fitting that there are also new digital rules. Responsibility has now been placed on ISPs to monitor illegal ads on their platforms, and pop up ads must be closeable with one click, for example.



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