Christmas Ads…already

24th July 2018

Yes, it’s still scorching out there and hard to believe Christmas ads are already upon us here at Clearcast HQ.


But they are…and whilst it’s too early, hot and horrifying to think about Christmas jumpers, now IS the time to think about the dos and don’ts as well as some useful guidance when it comes to your Christmas ads:


  • Don’t have decorations or stockings hanging down over a fireplace


  • Always have a fireguard present


  • Don’t have roaring fires which look out of control


  • Mirrors hanging above fireplaces are allowed


  • If you’re going to reveal the shocking truth about Santa’s identity be prepared for an ex-kids restriction. Obviously


  • Unexpected snowballs, or any snowball to the face is likely to be met with an ex-kids restriction


  • There are strict rules about rules about advertising toys – demos need to be accurate, scale references need to be included, anything over £30 should be priced and if batteries are sold separately you’ll need to tell the kiddiwinks


  • It can cause offence to use traditional hymns in adverts designed to sell products so please avoid this. Opt for carols and the pop classics!


Your clearance exec will happily discuss any questions you may have in more detail. Now back to your litre of water and factor 50.